Richard Lipow

A local lawyer and member of the Chester County Camera Club, Mr. Lipow brought in samples of his work and spent time with our older students teaching them about exposure.

Schmata Productions would like to thank the people and businesses that have helped us continue our efforts to provide programming to ALL students. Their donations of time, services, products, or funds are much appreciated!

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Randy Litwin Photography

Randy came in on our 3rd day and encouraged our kids to try to see the world differently. He spoke to them of challenges and inspired them with beautiful photos and spent time answering their individual questions as well as inviting them to contact him with any in the future.


David Campli Photography

David Campli is the man behind the vision of Campli Photography.  He established his business in 1989 in Malvern Pa.  Not only does he have years of experience as a photographer, but also as a business owner.  He is a family man at heart, holding those values true in his work. His ideals give his images a certain aura of authenticity.  From his home to his studio, family is what fuels his art form.

Trevor Boyce - 

Trevor is an alumni of Schmata Productions Community Youth Theater and Summer Experience. He graciously came in to help our students with some 'trick' photography. Shots he helped with several years ago, such as the one to the left, are still talked about by a few of our program attendees!

Thank you to the following folks for donating their time and energy to support our Summer Experience Photo Art students.

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Ryan Lizardi Photography

Dr. Ryan Lizardi is an associate professor of media production at SUNY and has been creating imagery his whole life. His photography business is based in the greater Philadelphia area. He also has worked with several TV shows and movies including Avengers: Endgame, Stranger Things, & Walking Dead.