It's amazing what we can do when we come together.


Schmata Productions is an award winning, non-profit, community youth theatre committed to fostering communication, problem-solving, and self-confidence in today's youth. We work with youth from many different schools, religions, ethnic backgrounds, and abilities.

We are grateful to the Beth Chaim Reform Congregation for providing rehearsal and Summer Experience space, as well as welcoming all of our students regardless of religion, school district, or ability to pay.


Once upon a time a couple of BCRC members thought it would be fun to celebrate the completion of their new building by doing a show. Natalie talked to Marcy and Marcy talked to Gina. These 3 ladies decided to tackle the job of helping to put on Fiddler on the Roof, Jr. One of the first questions asked was, "What is our budget?" Of course the response was, "We don't have one!" 

With the response of, "We'll make our costumes out of rags!" and "Schmatas for all!" laughter ensued (which happens quite often with our group). The name stuck and Schmata Productions was born. More than 10 years and many shows later, we have grown as a group and as a family.


​Schmata Productions reaches into the community in many ways. The musical theatre program is run entirely by volunteers who give generously of their time, talents, and energy. Several community members without students in the program return year after year to help!

Scholarships: we believe that any child who wants to participate in the arts deserves that opportunity. We offer scholarships to several students each year for both our musical theatre program and our Summer Experience programs.

Giving Back: we strive to give back to the many communities that are home to our students. Our musical theatre program has:

  • donated to the Lew Kagel Foundation, which provides Jewish education and experiences to those in need;
  • donated to Uptown! Studios in West Chester, PA;
  • provided mentoring and volunteer opportunities for students pursuing service hours and graduation projects.

​Our Summer Experience program has:

  • collected food items for local families in need;
  • collected items for local animal rescue organizations;
  • crafted and donated hand-made toys and other items for PALS, Cat Angel Network, All 4 Paws, and more;
  • crafted and donated hand-made "fidget" items to special needs students at the Vanguard School;
  • provided mentoring and volunteer opportunities for students pursuing service hours and graduation projects.